Blue water, White sandy beaches, Lush greenery at the resort, Amazing water sports, Spectacular Marine Life, Blend of Leisure and Luxury, Affordable pricing of resort, Visa on Arrival and Lesser duration flight, these are few things which make Maldives, a perfect destination for Honeymooners from India.

As Maldives is reopening its border for all nationalities starting July’2020, we all have questions in our mind that whether it will be safe to travel?

Maldives is a cluster of 1200 islands situated apart. Maldives follow one island one resort concept which means less crowded & limited number of people on that particular island, which includes the staff of that particular resort and guests. No trespassers are allowed to visit the property as it is surrounded by ocean which helps us to stay away from exposure to so many people and that reduces the threat automatically. As, all islands are well spread, and does ensure your privacy considering Maldives as destination of couples and families, during normal days also the sitting arrangement at the public places is been made in such a way that you can enjoy your privacy which automatically takes care of social distancing.

It is the perfect place to go for Staycation, should you wish to enjoy the company of your partner in a beautiful and romantic environment.

With the extra caution and measures like no cross travelling in Maldives and screening at airport will help both, travellers and others to protect from the spread out.

But not to forget your safety relies in your hand and little caution taken by you can keep you safe.